Fuel Price Increase, Food Price Rockets

I think, the government decision to raise the fuel price by more than 30% is against the promise of the new Indonesian President, Joko Widodo that he will give welfare to all citizens. Why? The increase of the fuel price is then followed by the increase of food price. Also, the increase of fuel price means higher prices for commodities and transport. Consequently, the Indonesian people (especially poor people) are hit by difficult situations, while their salary are not increased. The increases then have sparked some protests from the roots. Some students finally clashed with the police in some demonstration spots around cities in Indonesia. Another point is that the world crude oil prices have declined by 20% this year. Many countries, such as Malaysia plans to decrease the fuel price in their country. Therefore, the decision to increase the fuel prices in an attempt to save the economy in Indonesia is not much help. New President new hope? I doubt it…


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