Comfort Zone

“If you do not leave your comfort zone, do not expect to grow (Yasmen Mogahed).”

It is almost two years living in Indonesia since I came from abroad. I do feel that Indonesia is the most comfort place ever in the world. Everything is given already in here by God: sunny place, good food, nice place and nice people. Of course no winter, no cold weather, no snowy, and no worry what to eat! Also, no fear and boredom we are having with. If you are facing this situation, I am sure you will not think to move out.

Sometimes it is not easy to come out from our comfort zone because we have felt happy with everything. However in another side, we find difficulties to develop our abilities and capabilities or finding our mental spirit to explore things that we have. We sometimes forgot that there are many beautiful places and surprised things apart from our home land.

Although comfort zone offers you many comfortable stuffs, good resources, and certain things, comfort zone is not always good because we can not find any adventures and excitements in our lives. Which do you choose?


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