Dzikrul Maut

I had a bad news recently that one of my cousins was passed away last Sunday after fighting with her breast cancer. It was terribly sad because her condition was severe. She did not tell anyone that she had suffered for ages with her breast cancer until the doctor told us that it was already at stage four.

Several days before she was passed away, I was in hospital taking care and giving some du’a for her. My emotional was not stabil when I looked at my cousin laid on bed with some medical treatments. She was badly injured and I could not hide my tears …

Few hours after I and my mum saw her in hospital, I was called by my other cousins that Allah had taken her away. She was rest in peace forever.. My deep condolences to her family, especially her two young little kids. Really really sorry for them. My tears are always spoiled my eyes when her daughter called her mum “mama bobok..”. She kept saying that her mum was sleeping at the moment and she herself wanted to sleep beside her mum who actually was passed away. I could not say anything, just made du’a for her and her family. May Allah forgive her..


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