I do believe that love is the consciousness between heart and brain. If someone is interested in someone’s else, love comes from his heart, indeed, because love is a feeling or an emotion. Every humans has the feelings of affection to anybody else in their lives.

However, if he just admit everything what his heart says, it is not right at all, I think. Why? Because that is the beginning of blindness. “Love is blind”, people say. When you are blind, you can’t see the light because of the darkness. Probably, we will consider something as good but bad in reality. Vise versa, something bad can be justified as good in eyes.

Therefore, every religion, say Islam, suggests you to marry him/her if you are in love with someone. It is because marriage is a legal contract between two people to kinship. Marriage means responsibility, responsible to take care with, responsible to protect to, responsible to live together.


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