I am feeling terribly sad today. Ratu was dead this morning. Two days ago he was limping after jumping from somewhere to catch (I guess) a bird. He got injury in his mouth. His shoulder and elbow was fractured, too.

My housemate, Tasha, then took him to the veterinarian. Badly, she said that it would cost 1000 poundsterling, which is too expensive, to redo the shoulder and elbow. “Alternatively the veterinarian could amputate his front paw but they recommended to put him to sleep instead as amputating the front paw will make it harder on him to get around”, Tasha explained me in details about Ratu’s situation.

“If it was the back paw it would be ok”, said the veterinarian.

“So they gave him an injection to put him to sleep”.

He is gone now, forever …

Rest in peace: Ratu on 17th January 2012.

Tutu aka Ratu

Good bye, Ratu …


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