Eid Feast

Eid khutbah

I usually have eid feast with my friends, who are from other countries, in York since there are not many Indonesian people staying in York. It is interesting because I can know different things they have when they celebrate eid.


However this year, I made up my mind to have eid celebration with Indonesian people. You know, this is my first eid celebration with them :). I decided to go to London, instead, to have eid feast with Indonesian people in Al Ikhlas, London. Many Indonesian people stay in this big city. When you meet them, you do not think that you are in England. ‘..as if I were in Indonesia..’, people say.


Urap Bali



It was quite fun because I can enjoy meeting people from my country and eating Indonesian food, such as bakso and lontong :). Happy Eid, people!


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